Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)

One of the oldest of surgical procedures, reshaping of the nose can be found in the ancient writings of Egypt! The lessening of a prominent “bump” on the bridge of the nose is the most common reason that both men and women seek rhinoplasties.

At the same time, a drooping tip or a “too wide” nose can be brought back to a more pleasing shape. The procedure is a true test of the artistic talents and experience of the plastic surgeon. The goal should be the culmination of blending surgery with the patient’s expectations and should strive for a natural look that fits the patient’s overall profile and face.

Sometimes an underdeveloped chin can be built up at the same time to enhance a patient’s profile. Each patient’s nose is unique, and the procedure can thus vary in amounts removed or reshaped. The best patient is one who is generally happy and confident of their other features, but focuses on the nose as “not fitting” the face.


  • The operation can be done with local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia
  • Skin that is thickened or prone to acne in youth will take months to redrape over the new deeper framework
  • Results take weeks or sometimes months until complete shrinking of tissue occurs
  • Costs range from $4800 to $6800 depending on the complexity and type of anesthesia

Some Typical Results Of Dr. McAvoy’s Surgery: