Reduction Mammoplasty (Breast Reduction)

Similar to the breast uplift procedure, this operation reshapes sagging breasts but also removes excess tissue to lessen back pain, prevent further grooving of the shoulders, or aid in ridding a patient of skin inflammation under the large breasts.

In recent years more women who have been denied coverage have sought out this operation in our office unit. We are not contracting with any insurance carriers at this time. We will discuss the costs of performing this in our private surgical suite at the time of your consultation, for any patient, but a waiver is required to opt out of Medicare billing. Estimates of $6500-$8500 refer to surgery in our suite only. Costs done in the hospital are considerably higher.


  • Most are done under general anesthesia
  • The incisions can leave variable scars-thus there is a tradeoff of scarring for comfort with this operation
  • Surgery time is three to four hours

Costs range from $6500 to $8500.

Some Typical Results Of Dr. McAvoy’s Surgery: