A very popular procedure, liposuction is best used as a means to reshape areas of localized fat collections, not as a substitute for weight reduction. For many men and women, however, there are “stubborn” areas, such as the thighs in women or the “love handles” or breasts in men. These are ideal areas for suction.

We use the latest in techniques and will discuss with you the anesthetic, “wet” techniques and “tumescent” technique at the time of your consultation.


  • All procedures are done with some sedation for your comfort-even though wet or tumescent is used : this reduces the amount of local anesthetic and adds to safety and comfort
  • For multiple areas or extensive procedures such as abdominoplasty with suction, general anesthesia is used
  • Costs vary widely, from as little as $1500 for chin suction to $7000 for abdominoplasty and thigh, knee and leg suction
  • Usually patients go home the same day
  • A stretch compression garment is worn for one week
  • Most patients return to work in one week from suction alone

Some Typical Results Of Dr. McAvoy’s Surgery: